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Research & Development

BSI Looks Deeper so that Our Products are Environmentally Sound !Certifications

With a worldwide network of supply partners, BSIbio assures quality products through strong partner relationships and third party certifications.

All applicable* compostable products / materials carry certification from the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) in accordance with ASTM standards D6400 or D6868, as applicable, and/or European certification agencies DIN Certco and Vincotte.

We preferentially supply products with a bevy of sourcing, manufacturing and product safety certifications such as the Forest Stewardship Council, ISO 9001/14001, the British Retail Consortium, CFIA letters of no objection for food contact and FDA testing standards.

A great overview of all the certifications that apply to our products can be found on the website of our exclusive brand, BÉSICS. For the certification pedigree of specific products and brands, contact our Quality Control Officer.

*Products from exclusively natural materials such as napkins and kraft paper do not currently require certification.

In House Research

We conduct in-house research on the “Cradle to Cradle” chemistry of the materials in our products from the farm to waste management facility.

In 2014 we began a partnership with the University of British Columbia to test our products on-site at the compost facilities in our major market region. This study will assess the plant growth and chemical profile of the resulting compost. We want to know for ourselves how our products degrade, and how they impact the soil they join.

For more information on our ongoing research projects, contact our Compost Specialist.

Thank you for your interest in BSI Biodegradable Solutions!
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