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Clear Deli Containers.

Clear Deli Containers

All of our quality deli containers are made from Ingeo™ poly-lactic acid (PLA). Ingeo™ PLA has the look, feel and function of popular plastic cups and containers, but without the impact of oil-based plastic products; it is made from renewable resources and designed for composting!

Ingeo™ is made through innovative technology that takes raw vegetable materials, ferments the starch to make lactic acid polymers that mould these familiar products.

Quick facts:

✔ Made from an annually renewable resource - corn!
✔ Designed for cold and room-temperature food
✔ Usable up to 60°C (125°F).
✔ Not for use with hot food or hot beverages

Our Ingeo™ PLA is 100% compostable in industrial facilities, where accepted - these facilities do not exist everywhere, so visit Find a Composter for the one nearest you!

***Please note that we make every attempt to provide accurate measurements. The best way to determine a product's fit is to inquire about samples

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Clear Deli Containers

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