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Take Out Boxes & Trays.

Take Out Boxes & Trays

We offer a wide range of cake and pie boxes in addition to sandwich boxes.

Our cake and pie boxes are manufactured in the Pacific North West and can come in two tones; kraft or white. These can be customized to your liking to have kraft colour inside, white outside, or kraft inside and outside!

Our sandwich boxes suit your needs - they come in submarine, tortilla wrap, and wedge styles! Artfully made with fresh prints, they pack small and keep your foods fresh and visible through PLA windows.

All of our products originate from renewable resources and are compostable under proper conditions in an industrial facility. To find out more about how to compost visit Find a Composter

***Please note that we make every attempt to provide accurate measurements. The best way to determine a product's fit is to inquire about samples

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Take Out Boxes & Trays

Take Out Boxes & Trays: Cake Boxes.

Cake Boxes

Take Out Boxes & Trays: Fibreware Trays.

Fibreware Trays

Take Out Boxes & Trays: Kraft Boxes.

Kraft Boxes

Take Out Boxes & Trays: Paper Trays.

Paper Trays

Take Out Boxes & Trays: Pie Boxes.

Pie Boxes

Take Out Boxes & Trays: Pulp Trays.

Pulp Trays

Take Out Boxes & Trays: Window Boxes.

Window Boxes


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