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Bags for Food Packaging.

Bags for Food Packaging

We have a variety of bags: quality paper bags with and without windows, transparent Ingeo™ PLA bags, and transparent cellulose bags.

Our paper bag range includes regular paper, oil and grease resistant paper, both either with or without PLA windows. We also offer Ingeo™ PLA lined paper bags for even better moisture barrier qualities.

Cellulose bags are a clear, shiny packaging made from trees harvested from non-rain forest tree farms. Composition and barrier properties make cellulose well suited for food packaging.

Quick facts:

✔ Our bags are heat sealable
✔ Exceptional transparency
✔ A great choice for packaging greasy or oily products
✔ Have an average water vapour barrier rating
✔ They are 100% compostable
✔ Under appropriate conditions, we have seen our bags degrade in a home compost in under 90 days.
✔ Cellulose bags come in a myriad of sizes and weights

Want it? Send us an email! Looking for variable case quantities? Ask for 250 as well as 500!

Pure Ingeo™ PLA bags are transparent and shiny and are now available in limited sizes!

All of our products originate from renewable resources and are compostable under the proper conditions. To find out more about where to compost visit Find a Composter

***Please note that we make every attempt to provide accurate measurements. The best way to determine a product's fit is to inquire about samples

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Bags for Food Packaging

Bags for Food Packaging: Cellulose Bags.

Cellulose Bags

Bags for Food Packaging: Paper Bags.

Paper Bags


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