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BSI Products are Environmentally Sound !What challenges do you have in reaching your compostable goals?

  • Sourcing new certified products
  • Finding reliable supply partners
  • Employee training
  • Communicating your sustainability & brand to customers
  • Connecting with your customers for rapid buy in and engagement in your program

What we offer

Adopting compostable packaging means adapting your organization to a new system of waste and waste management. Our expertise in materials, best use, waste management systems, employee education and customer engagement can help you save both time and money.

Our product supply customers have full access to our team of specialists for their packaging and operational system needs. Our goods come with a high level of service.

If knowledge is your need, BSIbio's consulting service offers both custom solution design and ready-to-go training modules to bring your company to leadership position in compostables, and keep it there.

Using our employee training modules you give staff the tools and knowledge to be amazing ambassadors for your compostable program. Our brand support, messaging, and signage program sets your 'zero waste' events or business on the right track with your customers.

With a clear idea of what you need, our custom consult design can fit like a glove.

If you're excited about the possibilities, get in touch.

Thank you for your interest in BSI Biodegradable Solutions!
...because disposable products shouldn't last forever...

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